The Catapult Difference

Our Unique Role
Our high level, specialized program is not for everyone. It is not a pre-packaged curriculum and one size does not fit all.  Joining Catapult means commiting to a network of driven, risk-tolerant, transformational school leaders who are committed to meeting the challenges of today while designing schools for the future.  
Different Training for Different Potential Leaders

Most leadership programs target one area of the system for improvement.  Catapult is the only program that  currently teaches school leaders how to design for the future by working on the whole system.  Curriculum is designed to develop key competencies over time and executive coaching ensures that those competencies become second nature for the leader.  This results in:


  • Significant improvement in student performance

  • Clear evidence that your initiatives are getting results

  • Effective time management and increased productivity - better work/life balance

  • Collaborative, high-performing teams that effectively distributes leadership across the school

  • Increased morale, high retention of staff and highly engaged students and families

  • Reduction of leadership burn-out

Unique Screening and Admissions

Eighty percent of Catapult Fellows have previously been through a conventional training program and have come to Catapult seeking a higher set of skills to support bold thinking about their schools.


We screen for:

  • Strong leadership aptitude and competencies

  • Strong instructional knowledge

  • Experience in leading teams

  • Readiness for high-level executive thinking

  • High tolerance for risk and ambiguity

  • Track record of developing strengths in others

  • Long-term commitment to a school and the community

"My first principal preparation program was traditional and focused on logistical and practical issues, such as school law and school finance.  Catapult taught me how to take my vision for what is possible and turn it into a school design that we launched this past year."

"This would be an impossible job without Catapult." What I've learned in the past six months has transformed me as a leader."

Catapult's enrollment has grown from an inagural cohort of 5 Fellows in 2009 to over 60 graduates serving 20,000 students across Colorado.