"I developed strong skills in creating a team vision and aligning strategy with the most important work for my school   The  work I did as a Catapult Fellow continues to guide my success as a principal today.”

Nivan Khosravi, Principal - Maxwell Elementary School




"I felt like a lot of what I got in the traditional principal prep program simply focused on the status quo -- how to keep doing the same thing and getting the same results.  I like that Catapult really opened the doors wide for me and helped me to think differently.  Not just what has been done in education, but what can we possible do in education?

Jackson Westenskow, Asst Principal - William Smith High School




"I have been inspired to create a new type of education for our kids.”

— Claudia Mann, Chaffee County Montessori School




"I now look to create solutions rather than just simply solve problems and I have a new and deeper understanding of the critical importance of strong and healthy relationships as the foundation of a strong school culture.”

— Garrett Rosa, Principal-Vista Peak Preparatory School

“This program exceeded every expectation that I had.  I feel confident in my abilities to create a learning organization that prepares my students for the skills they 'really' need to suceed in whatever they choose to pursue.”

— Keri Melmed, Principal - Highpoint Academy




“I've been an administrator for seven years, and this is the first time I've been in engaged in such high-quality learning with such a high-caliber group of like-minded leaders.”

— Craig Lyle, Director 2014-15 Cohort




“I was going to leave education until I found Catapult.”

— Stacey Hervey, 2014-15 Cohort




“’I've been fortunate to see the principles of Catapult in action during my residency at William Smith High School. Specifically, I have seen the power of focusing on the results that we want to create, as opposed to  wasting resources attempting to work around ineffective structures and practices. I am using what I have learned to build an engaging school culture in my role as a K-8 assistant principal.

— Marcus Bratton, 2014-15 Cohort