Catapult School Leadership

The world needs all kinds of minds to solve the complex problems it faces.  The problem is, our current model of education is not developing all kinds of minds; it has been designed to churn out one type of graduate, much as a factory that churns out one type of vehicle.  Some schools are moving away from the factory model with graduates that have well-developed habits of thinking and working that are useful in all disciplines.  The problem is, we don’t have enough of these schools - especially for under-represented populations.  CSL seeks to help solve this challenge through our unique approach to leadership and school development.

Innovation Requires a Different Kind of Leadership
Leading Change

Catapult develops the competencies needed to develop highly effective teams and lead systemic and sustainable change. Through this program, leaders build expanded skills in communication and become experts in group dynamics and team development.  They utilize new tools to establish clear priorities, build coherence, drive momentum and effectively distribute leadership and accountability throughout the school.  They learn to take calculated risks, design innovative solutions and develop teams that are committed to continuous learning and creative collaboration.  


Catapult is the right program for leaders who:
  • Have a deep commitment to learner-centered education;

  • Are willing to take risks to solve complex challenges;

  • Ask the questions that help drive new thinking;

  • Embrace diversity and lead with a strengths based approach;

  • Foster reflection and inspire commitment;

  • Value networks of trust and collaboration;

  • Possess an unwavering belief in what is possible.  

The Difference

System leaders differ in personality and style, but they have remarkably similar impact on school success.  Small, strategic actions connect to create shifts that accelerate results.  Instead of feeling stuck, teachers become more open and immovable barriers become opportunities for innovation.  The school spends less time on short-term reactive problem solving to more time on designing and implementing creative solutions to previously unsolved challenges.  You will observe

  • Clear evidence that innovative initiatives are getting results

  • Effective time management and increased productivity

  • Collaborative, high-performing teams

  • Increased morale and high retention of staff

  • Reduction of burn-out

  • Significant improvement in achievement for all students.

Program Overview

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